Current Downloads
 Suspended departure board (TRS2004)
 Suspended departure board (TRS2006)
Major Departure Board (TRS2004).zip Major Departure Board (TRS2004).zip
Size : 46 Kb
Type : zip
 Major station departure board (TRS 2004)
UK Major Station Departure Board.cdp UK Major Station Departure Board.cdp
Size : 48 Kb
Type : cdp
 Major station departure board (TRS 2006)
Early Morning Activity Pack for use with the excellent Dorset Coast v5 for MSTS by Dave Corfield available on Required is the Dorset Coast version 3 CD and all of the patches up to the latest v5 to allow these activities to work properly.
Early Morning Activity Pack.exe Early Morning Activity Pack.exe
Size : 966 Kb
Type : exe
UK Roadsign Pack (1).zip UK Roadsign Pack (1).zip
Size : 426 Kb
Type : zip

 For TRS. A Pack of seven roadsigns for use in routes. Included in the ZIP file are the original PNG files for easy reskinning and a basic guide on how to reskin the signs for TRS2006 users.

UK Digital Departure Board (Single Support) For TRS. This is based on those found at the end of the platforms at London Waterloo. The CDP is for TC users only as it is a CDP2. Other versions will need to download the ZIP file, unzip it and then use the File>Import content function in CMP. The ZIP file also contains the original PNG files for the front and back for easy re-skinning. I'm not sure about compatibility for older versions. As far as I am aware it should work, but I am having it tested as well. Please E-mail with any problems.

UK Departure Monitor for Trainz, based loosely on the ones in the South Western region. I tried to get it to look more like a TV screen, but couldn't figure it out so uploaded it like this. (I am still trying though!) The ZIP includes a CDP (for pre-TC users) and a CDP2 file, plus the PNG file for easier re-skinning.

UK Departure Monitor (SW).zip UK Departure Monitor (SW).zip
Size : 120 Kb
Type : zip
UK Roadsigns - Small Arrows.cdp UK Roadsigns - Small Arrows.cdp
Size : 66 Kb
Type : cdp

Small Arrow roadsigns for trainz. Saved as a CDP so should work on most versions of trainz

A Re-Work of the suspended departure board to give it a support to allow it to be free standing on stations without canopies to hang a departure board on. The ZIP file contains the individual files and a PNG file for the board. 

Another major station departure board. Similar to the one found in Newcastle, UK.

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